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        - No cage time! Far less stressful.                - No re-circulated water.

We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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- Full size facility. No hookups required    - Since 2002

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Active Paws Mobile Grooming has groomed hundreds of puppies and realizes the importance of providing a positive experience throughout the grooming process. Not having multiple pets around, giving 1 on 1 personal attention, shortening the overall grooming time and using no cages significantly improves the grooming process for puppies and dramatically reduces stress. Sometimes a single bad grooming experience could affect the dog for the rest of his or her life! We make sure it’s a good one!

Puppy grooming should be started as soon as possible! We will make sure everything is sanitized prior to your puppies grooming. The sooner they get used to the process the better. Taking advantage of ‘big box store’ discount packages is highly discouraged. Remember these first grooming sessions will stick in your puppies mind forever.

We move at the puppies pace, provide an uplifting positive experience and provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment. All puppies are handled with care, treated compassionately and trained in a positive environment.

When should you start getting your puppy professionally groomed? Active Paws recommends getting your puppy used to grooming as young as possible, starting with you bathing and brushing or combing, then at around 12 weeks schedule their first grooming.

It is a good idea to get your puppy groomed before it needs its first haircut, to introduce him or her to basic grooming. Never wait until your puppy is starting to tangle or mat to schedule their first grooming! Removing tangles and mats can be painful and dangerous to remove with a squirmy puppy and cause a negative grooming experience. This could cause fear or anxiety during future grooms. Start combing your puppy with a fine toothed comb on a regular basis from a very young age. Go slow and be patient. This should be a positive and bonding experience for you and your puppy. We recommend buying a high quality all natural shampoo to bathe your puppy, often with pet products you get what you pay for.

Longer haired pets should be combed dry or dried with a NO HEAT hair dryer then brushed or combed immediately. Do not use a heated blow dryer! Heat will dry out and easily burn sensitive puppy skin.

If you have any questions regarding the care or grooming of your puppy feel free to contact us.

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