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        - No cage time! Far less stressful.                - No re-circulated water.

We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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- Full size facility. No hookups required    - Since 2002

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions we are asked at Active Paws.

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact us anytime. See what our customers are saying here.


Q: How long does it take to groom my dog?

A: Most grooms take about 1-1.5 hours to bathe, dry and groom your dog. Active Paws grooms 2 dogs at a time, so 1 to 1.5 hours does not necessarily mean per dog if you have multiple. In a grooming shop your pet may sit in a cage for 6-8 hours. We will never rush or shortcut your job to stay on schedule.

Q: How do you get my pets done so quickly?

Active Paws does one job at a time, therefore we complete the entire grooming process before moving on to the next dogs. This drastically reduces the amount of time the pets are with us. We have no cage time, so the time your pets are with us is only sufficient to groom them properly and comfortably. We also use top of the line equipment to streamline the process.

Q: Do you re-circulate water?

A: A: No, although most mobile units use re-circulated water Active Paws never reuses water. The fresh water and waste water are stored in separate tanks.

Q: Do you have a shop where I can take my dog?

A: Not at the moment, however, negotiations are in place for shops and pet daycares that will follow the same Active Paws concept, providing top notch care.

Q: How often is your facility cleaned?

A: We keep our mobile facility cleaned very well. It is cleaned between each job, scrubbed daily and disinfected. We realize the importance of a clean environment and take sanitation seriously. All walls and the ceiling of the facility are constructed of quality, easily cleanable material. We are even able to groom special needs pets with immune deficiencies, unlike most shops. (with the vets permission).

Q: Are your groomers certified?

A: Yes, like always our groomers are trained and certified for all types of breeds.

Pricing/ Payment

Q: Is it expensive?

A: Our prices are higher than some groomers and big box stores, however, take in to account the extra time, visit, personalized care with cage free grooming and pricing is very reasonable.

Q: What is your pricing based on?

A: Active Paws pricing are unique in the grooming industry and were developed to best suit the majority of our clientele which keep their pets in good condition. There are several factors we take into consideration including breed, size, coat condition (mats) and sometimes serious behavior issues or special needs. Visit charges are a standard for all customers in our service area.

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payment is due at the time service is performed. If you are not going to be home, payment must be left, or a standing gift card may be purchased. A credit card may also be kept on file with us for easy payments. Note: We require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule to avoid a $50 charge. There are no exceptions.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: Active Paws accepts cash, check (with ID), money order, Active Paws Gift Cards, debit cards and most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Credit cards and gift cards can be kept securely on file for convenience.

Q: Do I have to be home for you to groom my dog?

A: A: No, it is not necessary for you to be home, as long as we have made arrangements ahead of time. We must have a way to access your pet and payment.

Q: Do you relieve anal glands?

A: This is not a regular practice at our facilities, as it should happen naturally, but can be done if you believe your dogs need it.

Q: Do you muzzle the dogs?

A: We evaluate each dog separately, we give each pet the chance not to be muzzled. However, if needed for our safety, we will muzzle the dog. We will also muzzle at the request of the owner.

Q: (Mobile) Will there be other dogs in with my dog?

A: Generally no. We do one job at a time, so if you split an appointment (or visit charge) with your friends or neighbors one of their dogs may be in with yours. If you have your own appointment no other dogs will be in with yours. Splitting the visit charge with your neighbors is at your discretion.

Q: My dog has carsickness / motion sickness. Will this help?

A: Absolutely. We do not move them, we bring the mobile facility to you. Click here for information.

Q: Do you groom and bathe cats?

A: Yes we do groom cats, however bathing is not generally included. If you would like your cat bathed please call and speak with a groomer. Cats generally clean themselves and it is better for their skin and coat not to be washed. Click here for more information on cat grooming.

Q: My dog has mats, does it need to be shaved?

A: It depends on several different factors. Please call and speak with a groomer.

Q: Why am I given an estimated arrival time?

A: Although we are generally on schedule, since we are mobile it is impossible for us to account for all traffic conditions and delays. Also, unlike grooming shops, we do one job at a time, so if a job runs over the allotted time it may affect other appointments. You may request for our groomers to call or text you when they are on their way, so you have a more accurate time of arrival. We run a tight schedule and do several dogs/jobs per day. Your pet will be given the same premium treatment.

Q: Do you groom older dogs?

A: Yes, we have no age restrictions on the pets we groom. We groom several older pets and have great success with them. It is your decision if you believe your pet is healthy/strong enough to be groomed, however, we require that pets be able to stand throughout the process. If your dog is unable to stand this could significantly affect the price. If you have any questions or doubts that your dog can handle the procedure please contact us or click for our senior pet grooming page.

Q: Q: Can I watch while my dog is being groomed?

A: You may bring your dog inside the facility to get him or her comfortable and calm them however for liability reasons we may not have clients inside the facility while we are grooming. Pets also often behave worse with their owner in the room. We have completed thousands of grooms without incident, you can be assured your petis in good hands.

Q: What quality of shampoo do you use?

A: Active Paws does not use economy shampoo like most other groomers. Ultra Premium quality, all natural shampoo is standard, at our expense and we have several other shampoos for you to choose from, for any condition, type of skin, or preference.

Q: How do you lift my dog?

A: We have special equipment in place to safely lift large pets.

Q: Is it bad for my dog to be groomed too frequently?

A: Not with us! We specialize in high frequency grooming as well and carry special products to keep your pet’s skin and coat in tip top condition, no matter how often they are bathed. See our Royalty Club page for long term weekly and twice weekly customers.


Q: What type of facility do you have?

A: Active Paws facility is a one of a kind, custom built conversion that focuses on using no recirculated water and having ample space and power to have no down sized equipment and operate year round at optimal temperature. Therefore our facility truly is a full size grooming shop on wheels. See it here.

Q: Is the facility heated and air conditioned?

A: Yes! Our facility is fully insulated, heated and air conditioned to operate comfortably year round! Many grooming shops and kennels are not even air conditioned!

Q: Do you have hot water?

A: Yes! Active Paws facility has a real, on board hot water heater so our water temperature is always optimal!

Q: Do you need to hook up to my house for power or water?

A: No, we need nothing. Our facility is powered by a very powerful, quiet RV Genset with circuited electricity and we have fresh water tanks, full plumbing and on demand pumps for water.

Q: How often do you clean your facility?

A: Active Paws facility is probably the cleanest you will find. We clean after every job! The tub is disinfected after every job and the facility is disinfected almost every evening.

Q: Is your tub and equipment full size?

A: Yes, our tub and equipment is all full size, just like you would find at a grooming shop.

Q: Is all of your equipment non slip?

A: Yes, all of our equipment is non slip for the safety and comfort of your dog.

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