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Grooming Frequency

At Active Paws we are constantly asked: How often should I get my pet groomed? The answer depends on several different factors. Among the factors to take into consideration are breed, age, hair style, home maintenance, financial ability and lifestyle. These factors will all vary with each individual pet. We can make general recommendations but ultimately the decision is yours as the pet owner. You see your pet every day and know him or her better than we do. We will schedule you at any reasonable frequency. Our initial recommendations are for use as a guideline for determining the grooming schedule that works best for you. Once we begin your schedule we will be able to give you a better recommendation. We highly recommend keeping a standing appointment at any interval to keep an accurate timeline. Unless you get your pet groomed frequently, calling when ‘they’re ready’ is not recommended. The more we see them, the quicker we can point out potential problems to you.

Things have changed over the years and pets have become part of the family. Old style recommendations do not work with the modern day pet. Even a month is a really long time for your dogs to go without a bath and brushing when they live inside your house! Noone wants dirty dogs laying around their house or playing with their children and no longer do you have to worry about bathing your pets too often and stripping all the oils from their coat. Active Paws uses special shampoos that do not strip the oils from their coats, no matter how frequently they are bathed: See our Royalty Club for healthy weekly or more customers.

Breed recommendations are available on our site by clicking your pet’s breed. The schedule will depend highly on the amount of home maintenance you complete. If you are unable to do home maintenance your pet will require higher grooming intervals or an easier to maintain style. Older pets will typically require a more frequent grooming interval than younger pets. Active pets will generally require more frequent grooming than pets that lounge around the house most of the day, however pets naturally need baths fairly frequently. Our breed recommendations are with the stated frequency of home maintenance.

Possibly one of the most influential factors is financial ability. When acquiring any pet; grooming should be factored in as part of the ongoing cost to keep your pet healthy and comfortable, along with vet care. We will work with you to develop a grooming schedule specific to your individual needs.

If you have any questions regarding the care or grooming of your pet feel free to contact us.

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