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Royalty Club

        - No cage time! Far less stressful.                - No re-circulated water.

We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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- Full size facility. No hookups required    - Since 2002

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Exclusive High End Cage Free Boarding

This elite high end boarding service is not available to everyone and not for tour. Each family of dog or cat receives an actual bedroom, complete with a large 36” TV, cable, radio, windows, pictures, beds, bones and whatever else you desire along with a large common area and large fenced outdoor area on 5 acres in a park district.  It is a pet’s paradise and obviously comes with a price. This is also located inside our home and pets may have a full family atmosphere if they are capable.

Long term boarding is available. The cats pictured above stayed with us for around 3 months. The dogs above stayed with us several times, nearly 6 months the last.

The price is all inclusive besides food and grooming long term. Each dog is on a different food. We prefer you send their beds and any comfort items they have, that will be returned after their stay.

The price also includes pickup and delivery, playtime, walks, all the attention they want and outside time, vet transport if needed, medication administration etc.

If accepted your pets will be brought in as part of the family and treated as such. No other pets (besides our one dog if you don’t mind) will be around them.

Questions? Send us a message.

This is an elite - exclusive service that is not available for everyone.