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        - No cage time! Far less stressful.                - No re-circulated water.

We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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Cat and Kitten Grooming

Active Paws Mobile Grooming has groomed hundreds of cats and realizes the importance of providing a positive experience throughout the grooming process. Not having multiple pets around, giving 1 on 1 personal attention, shortening the overall grooming time and using no cages significantly improves the grooming process for cats and kittens and dramatically reduces stress. Sometimes a single bad grooming experience could affect the cat for the rest of his or her life!

Our groomers are highly experienced working with cats and will move at their pace, provide an uplifting positive experience and provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment. All cats are handled with care and treated compassionately in a positive environment.

The importance of cat grooming is sometimes overlooked. Most cats do naturally groom themselves to an extent but do benefit from a regular grooming schedule. Most cats, both short and long haired, should be thoroughly brushed often to remove dead hair and prevent mats. Special care should be taken when brushing cats to brush all the way to the skin, with the proper brush or comb. Fine toothed, handled combs are usually sufficient when used properly.

Your cats should be bathed if their coat becomes greasy or oily or if they get into something they shouldn’t. Some cats are tolerant of baths while others will not tolerate water and can not be bathed. It is recommended you keep your cat on a regular grooming schedule at whatever interval you decide. The tighter the interval the more used to the process your cats will become, the less they will shed, the more comfortable they will be and the less stressed they will be during grooming. Kittens should be introduced to grooming at a young age, as young as possible, especially if you want to be able to bathe your cat. It is a good idea to get your kitten, or cat, used to basic grooming before attempting a hair cut. Never wait until your cat or kitten is starting to mat to schedule their grooming! Removing tangles and mats can be painful and dangerous with a squirmy cat and cause a negative grooming experience. This could cause fear or anxiety during future grooms. Matting is also uncomfortable for your pet and can cause skin issues. Always brush and maintain your cats at home or keep them on a tighter grooming interval.

If you are to bathe your own cat or kitten, drying is important. Cats should be combed dry or dried with a NO HEAT hair dryer then brushed. Do not use a heated blow dryer on any pet! Heat will dry out and easily burn sensitive cat skin. We recommend buying a high quality, all natural shampoo to bathe your cat. Often times with pet products you get what you pay for, if you have any questions regarding the care or grooming of your cat or kitten feel free to contact us. Advice is always free.

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If you have any questions regarding the care or grooming of your elderly pet feel free to call 513-607-PAWS(7297) or contact us.

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