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        - No cage time! Far less stressful.                - No re-circulated water.

We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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- Full size facility. No hookups required    - Since 2002

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Active Paws Services to Businesses and Hotels

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Active Paws Mobile Grooming now offers businesses and hotels the opportunity to offer grooming services at their facility with no inside space, equipment or staff.

Many businesses have customers who want grooming, but not enough to buy the equipment and hire a groomer. Some businesses just don’t have the space to house loud, bulky equipment. No matter what your situation offering special services like grooming brings customers to your facility, even if just to look around. Just offering extra services make customers happy and make your business seem larger and more reputable.

Here are some basic advantages to offering our service to your customers:

 More services bring more business. We bring customers in with our facility offering grooming. Get word of mouth, advertisement through Active Paws and more customers.  Want to team up with Active Paws and have us put a shop run by us in your facility? Contact us to see what we can work out.

We will even take the calls and schedule the appointments.

Cincinnati Hotels: When you do allow dogs, the last thing you want is them to stink or shed horribly. Urge your visitors to have a quick visit by us at the hotel and eliminate much of that issue.

Pet supply stores: Most grooms take about an hour. We will come to your location and groom the customers’ dog(s). That is one hour or more the customer will most likely be in your shop browsing or buying!

Kennels & Boarding facilities: Offer convenience to your customers without the high cost of grooming equipment and staff or the space taking equipment. You want your customers to use you for as many of their pet care needs as possible!

Dog Daycare facilities: This service can be especially useful to your business. Offering grooming can easily bring your customers in an extra day or two, boost calls, visits and word of mouth. Customers can drop their dogs off and instead of leaving them in a cage for 6-8 hours at a grooming shop they could play all day at daycare!

Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics: Offer the convenience of multiple services without the cost, space, hassles and mess of full time grooming. Bring customers in and let them shop at your supply store or get their flea and tick medication. You could even run a special walk-in shot clinic or pet care seminars while the dogs or cats are being groomed.

Dog and pet sitters: Offer grooming services while your customers are away, so they are not hassled by it. More and more customers will start calling you regularly so you will take care of their grooming during their pets’ stay.

How it works: You advertise in your facility and to your customers about the service etc. . We set up a specific day or schedule to come to your facility. Active Paws adds this schedule (if recurring) to their advertisements, or informs callers in your area of the date or schedule, allowing customers to come get groomed at your facility with no travel charges. We bring our first class - full size, self contained, mobile facility to your location and groom the dogs inside our facility with guaranteed satisfaction to your customers, while they are free to check out your facility or shop during the groom. No hassles and no cleanup for you. If you have any questions or would like more information you can contact us anytime.