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        - No cage time! Far less stressful.                - No re-circulated water.

We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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- Full size facility. No hookups required    - Since 2002

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- Active Paws Mobile Grooming is Cincinnati ‘s premier mobile groomer since 2002.  First choice by Cincinnati’s elite and pet lovers alike.  For many years we have raised the bar, as pets have become more and more part of our families, stepping away from the ‘big box store’ grooming mentality. Although sometimes more expensive, the personalized care, safety and convenience we provide is unparalleled with other grooming shops.

- We come to your house in our full size mobile facility and groom your pets in a cage free, clean and less stressful environment. We have our own power and water and need no hookups. Of course, we DO NOT re-circulate any water and all grooming is custom to your pet.

- Most grooming takes 1-1.5 hours. Why load your dirty pets up in the car, drop them off at the grooming shop to sit in a cage for 6-8 hours in a loud, strange environment with other dogs, then wait several hours to go pick them up? We bring our mobile facility right to your home and give them the one on one attention they deserve. In most cases you don’t even have to be there. We keep all of your information in a secure computer system and you receive email reminders for recurring appointments.

- We use all natural ultra premium shampoos, so you can have your pets groomed as much as you’d like without stripping the oils from their coat. We have many long-term weekly and twice weekly customers in our Royalty Club.

- The comfort and safety of your dog is our top priority. They will always be handled with love and care with us. You will never have to worry about how your pet(s) are treated or handled.

- Active Paws is locally owned, so no franchise fees are going to other countries.

Questions? Send us a message, or take a look around our site! See photos here.

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